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Sun, Moon, & Rising.

In astrology, these elements determine your true self.

The Sun represents your identity - the core of who you are. The Moon expresses your inner self - the emotional and subconscious aspects of your identity. Your Rising, or ascendant, reflects how you are perceived by others - the energy and character you project.

Here at Sun Moon & Rising, we believe in having pride in all of these elements - in all the pieces that make you...you.

What better way to own your true self than to don a piece of who you are? 

Medallion Collection

The golden medallion necklace is our most exclusive collection, with extremely limited stock. These unique zodiac symbols are highly coveted. Grab one while you can!

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Script Collection

The golden script necklace collection features an elegant design for our classy astrology lovers. These Old English styled necklaces are the perfect way to wear you sign loud and proud.

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